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Top 10 UX Articles of 2018

Top 10 UX Articles of 2018 The following UX articles published in 2018 were the ones our audience read the most: Empathy Mapping: The First Step in Design Thinking Visualizing user attitudes and behaviors in an empathy map helps UX teams align on a deep understanding of end users. The mapping process also reveals any […]

Hawthorne Effect

That first scenario is typical of a poorly designed gamification exercise. Back in the early 1920s a series of experiments were conducted at the Hawthorne Works in Chicago. The company wanted to see if a change in lighting would improve the productivity of their workers. They changed the lighting to make it stronger. The workers’ […]

Top 10 UX Videos of 2017

By NN/g These are the videos published in 2017 that received the most views from the audience. Each video runs for 2–3 minutes, unless otherwise indicated. Flat Design Decreases User Efficiency Though aesthetically appealing, flat designs often force users to guess which elements are interactive, leading to increased user errors and frustration. Hamburger Menus Hurt […]

9 Advices for New UX Designers

“As UX designers, our job is to create the best possible experiences for our users or customers. … You must deeply understand, respect, and have compassion for [them].” Since I’ve worked as a UX designer for 25 years—mostly within technology companies—I thought it would be helpful to designers who are new to the profession if […]

So what is usability?

One crucial thing, really: My definition of usability. You’ll find a lot of different definitions of usability, often breaking it down into attributes like Useful: Does it do something people need done? Learnable: Can people figure out how to use it? Memorable: Do they have to relearn it each time they use it? Effective: Does […]