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If You Are Willing to Feel Everything, You Can Do Anything.

Any gap you have in emotional courage limits your freedom to act. When you avoid feeling, it’s a huge drain on your productivity and your organizational outcomes. I know this because my company, Bregman Partners, helps leaders and teams work more effectively together to get massive traction on their most important work. Our focus is on […]

So you want to be a manager?

There is another way of saying what you do as a manager is variable because every team needs something different. Sometimes, the current and most important thing the team needs is a vision. Or a series of technical decisions to achieve a robust architecture. Or a week-by-week roadmap. Or a clear design. Management is the […]

Management by Objectives: The Planning Process Applied to Daily Work

The system of management by objectives assumes that because our concerns here are short-range, we should know quite well what our environment demands from us. Thus, management by objectives—MBO—concentrates on the planning process and tries very hard to make them specific. The idea behind MBO is extremely simple: If you don’t know where you’re going, […]

Pfeffer’s 6 factors that effective organizations have in common

“Management expert Jeffrey Pfeffer laid it all out in his book The Human Equation. Based on his analysis of many companies in many different lines of business, what makes for successful companies overlaps substantially with what makes for good work. In his words, a good company nurtures “high commitment” workers, and high commitment workers care […]