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7 Designing Product approaches

Good frameworks have the following in common: they ask appropriate questions, understand and assess a goal (often a good user experience), and apply a structured approach to accomplish that goal. Step 1: Ask questions to understand the problem Before you can even start to answer the question, you need to make sure you understand what […]

9 Advices for New UX Designers

“As UX designers, our job is to create the best possible experiences for our users or customers. … You must deeply understand, respect, and have compassion for [them].” Since I’ve worked as a UX designer for 25 years—mostly within technology companies—I thought it would be helpful to designers who are new to the profession if […]

What a leader is…Start with Why

“Before any person or organization can take the steps necessary to be a leader, we must first agree on a definition of what a leader is. Leadership is not about power or authority. Leadership is decidedly more human. Being a leader requires one thing and one thing only: followers. A follower is someone who volunteers […]

Who’s your competition?

“As with any race, in a short period of time the stronger ones will start to pull ahead and the weaker ones will start to fall behind. But not Ben Comen. Ben was left behind as soon as the starter gun sounded. Ben’s not the fastest runner on the team. In fact, he’s the slowest. […]

Do the best practices work for your organization?

“We constantly look to what others are doing. We attend conferences, read books, talk to friends and colleagues to get their input and advice, and sometimes we are also the dispensers of advice. We are in pursuit of understanding the best practices of others to help guide us. But it is a flawed assumption that […]

Read Multiple Books in Parallel

I know it’s weird, but it’s my favourite style since 2011 up to now… One of the ways reading goals can stall out is that you get bored of the book you’re reading. Pushing through each chapter becomes a slog, and then you give up on your reading goal completely. The solution to this problem […]

Business is like dating

“After all, people are people. To learn how to apply WHY to a business situation, you needn’t look much farther than how we act on a date. Because, in reality, there is no difference between sales and dating. In both circumstances, you sit across a table from someone and hope to say enough of the […]

Pfeffer’s 6 factors that effective organizations have in common

“Management expert Jeffrey Pfeffer laid it all out in his book The Human Equation. Based on his analysis of many companies in many different lines of business, what makes for successful companies overlaps substantially with what makes for good work. In his words, a good company nurtures “high commitment” workers, and high commitment workers care […]

Hair dresser with “The Mind at Work”

“To be sure, hairdressers need to acquire a set of technical skills—for cutting, coloring, and styling hair. And many, perhaps most of them, see what they do as requiring a fair amount of creativity. But what makes the job meaningful, I think, is the skill they acquire in interacting with clients. What does a client […]

Report said: just 13% of workers feel engaged

“According to a massive report published in 2013 by Gallup, the Washington, D.C.-based polling organisation, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who like their jobs. Gallup has been measuring international employee satisfaction for almost two decades. In total it has polled 25 million employees in […]