Monthly Archives: January 2020

The Challenger Sales key takeaway

 In this post, we bring to you our top 3 key takeaways from the Challenger sales model in 8 minutes or less, so those of you who don’t have time to read it (yet!) can benefit from some lessons learned. Key Takeaway #1: The buying experience should be your top priority In most B2B markets, […]

You Should Not!

A best practice in designing questions is to avoid negation (the previous point), which is unfortunately not considered in the PSM/PSPO/PSK exam. The worst case is when negation is used with modal verbs (must, should, could, may) because it’s very confusing. There’s even a field called modal logic, with expert logicians trying to see how […]

Ask Them 2 of These 20 Questions Every Month to keep employee

Don’t be afraid to ask the same questions every three to six months and make sure you’re both taking the necessary steps to move the needle in a positive direction. Now, you can feel prepared for 2020 and ensure your team is as fired up about work as you are. Questions to Regularly Ask Your Employees […]

7 Designing Product approaches

Good frameworks have the following in common: they ask appropriate questions, understand and assess a goal (often a good user experience), and apply a structured approach to accomplish that goal. Step 1: Ask questions to understand the problem Before you can even start to answer the question, you need to make sure you understand what […]