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Perception is influenced by many things, including cultural biases and beliefs, and a skilled magician takes advantage of these things to accomplish the appearance of the miraculous. An audience watching the magic in a theatre in New York or Paris or Los Angeles has a very different orientation about the performance than an audience from […]

Hawthorne Effect

That first scenario is typical of a poorly designed gamification exercise. Back in the early 1920s a series of experiments were conducted at the Hawthorne Works in Chicago. The company wanted to see if a change in lighting would improve the productivity of their workers. They changed the lighting to make it stronger. The workers’ […]

Endowment Effect – The Economics of Design

The Endowment Effect is a contradiction of the classical economic idea that people always behave rationally within an economic system. It is the surprising idea that we are prepared to pay more money to retain something that we already own than we would pay for the item if we did not own it. It is often also […]

100 Midcentury Chairs reading notes

We have an intimate connection with chairs. They surround our bodies, they receive our imprint, they leave memories and are often passed down from family member to family member. No wonder chairs can bring out the best and worst in people. They are also the quickest way to connect with the public, which is why […]

Artworlds and Definitions

To confident to talk about philosophy, art, and life. Defining “art” is a major enterprise, historically and recently, in that branch of philosophy called aesthetics or philosophy of art. There are two basic kinds of definitions of the term art: (1) honorific definitions, which include what is known as the open definition, and (2) classificatory […]