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Start getting curious about almost everything

Getting smarter takes time and genuine commitment. You need to work hard at it. Knowledge builds up, like compound interest says Warren Buffett. And he couldn’t have said that any better. You get to cash in when the time is right. All of us can build our knowledge but most of us won’t put in […]

The very basic tips for your logical thinking

Logical thinking is critical for IT professionals, managers, and executives. You must be able to diagnose problems end users are having. You must be able to evaluate vendor claims. You must be able to refute your boss when he or she turns down your request for a raise or promotion. The following concepts will help […]

Read / Watch murder mysteries to improve your logical reasoning

An untrained mind should expect to master logical reasoning as much as an unpractised hand can master a piano. Here are the best methods to train your mind to logically reason; Source: How to improve your logical thinking. 1) TRY TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN OBSERVATION AND INFERENCES: To improve your Logical Reasoning skills, it is important to differentiate […]

Developer Testing: Building Quality into Software, a book to read

How do successful agile teams deliver bug-free, maintainable software—iteration after iteration? The answer is: By seamlessly combining development and testing. On such teams, the developers write testable code that enables them to verify it using various types of automated tests. This approach keeps regressions at bay and prevents “testing crunches”—which otherwise may occur near the […]

Planning Your Day the Night Before

What you do the day before matters just as much as what you do each morning. In fact, what you do the night before makes it much more likely that you’ll actually accomplish what you’re aiming to get done on any given day. by Srinivas Rao The method you use doesn’t matter. Finish each day by […]

12 Steps to More Effective Email

Email also has the potential, as Fast Company notes, to drain your soul, and the souls of people to whom you send email, because the constant interruptions keep you from other, more rewarding work. Source: Here are some tips on using email effectively. 1. Before you start typing, consider your objective, writes Katie Smith Milway […]

What makes some people more creative

Excerpt From: Trott, Dave. “One Plus One Equals Three.” iBooks. A few years ago I read an interview with Steve Jobs. Steve said any new idea is nothing more than a new combination of old elements. He said the ability to make those new combinations depends on our ability to see relationships. That’s what makes […]