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Starting with All Our Requirements Is Wrong

source: Most of us were taught to write down all our requirements at the very beginning of the project. There are only three things wrong with this: “requirements,” “the very beginning,” and “all.” At the very beginning, we know less about our project than we’ll ever know again. This is the worst possible moment to […]

This is Estimation, Not Negotiation!

by: Ron Jeffries source: An estimate doesn’t have to be “This project will be done on Tuesday, May 14th, at 2:35PM.” An estimate is supposed to express a range of possibilities. It could be perfectly OK to say something like, “We see no way to get this done in April. If everything went perfectly, […]

Pulse Meetings and Leader Pulse Meetings

Source: Pulse Meetings are a method of structuring information exchange and decision making where leaders and employees meet and can then act based on frequently and systematically provided information concerning how the operation is going according to plan and what has caused any deviations. The method is an important instrument enabling a leader to: Continually […]

SAFe, LeSS, DAD, and ScrumPLOP

Source: First, I wanted to say that I feel each ‘large scale agile’ situation is different.  The key problems are different.  And therefore, the solution(s) should be different. And I like the idea of patterns. This is the patterns idea: “Here are some things (patterns) that others have found useful, and maybe I can steal […]

Having PMO in organization

Having a PMO in the organization is not a one size-fits-all approach. The shape of the PMO will largely depend on the organization’s need and capability to support it.