Any gap you have in emotional courage limits your freedom to act. When you avoid feeling, it’s a huge drain on your productivity and your organizational outcomes. I know this because my company, Bregman Partners, helps leaders and teams work more effectively together to get massive traction on their most important work. Our focus is on […]

“You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it,” is an often-quoted business adage—and very applicable to customer experience (CX). Here are three other metrics approaches CX programs should use to drive action that resolves common customer pain points. #1: Negative Feedback Alerts After establishing processes to collect customer feedback, organizations need to establish practices […]

React’s mental model draws broadly on functional and object­oriented programming concepts and focuses on components as primary units for building with. In React applications, you create interfaces from components. React’s rendering system manages these components and keeps the application view in sync for you. Components often correspond to aspects of the user interface, like date-pickers, […]