So what we see here is an example of a person looking at a web form. And what you see, starting with the green, right here, and jumping here, here, here, and so forth, and ending right here, is the sequence of eye fixations, or saccades, as they’re called, that the user performed when picking […]

By NN/g These are the videos published in 2017 that received the most views from the audience. Each video runs for 2–3 minutes, unless otherwise indicated. Flat Design Decreases User Efficiency Though aesthetically appealing, flat designs often force users to guess which elements are interactive, leading to increased user errors and frustration. Hamburger Menus Hurt […]

“As UX designers, our job is to create the best possible experiences for our users or customers. … You must deeply understand, respect, and have compassion for [them].” Since I’ve worked as a UX designer for 25 years—mostly within technology companies—I thought it would be helpful to designers who are new to the profession if […]

An educational program is huge for mid-size startups. First, it is a great way to attract talent. Second, it helps halt employee turnover. Third, hiring new people and ramping them up is expensive. Paying for current employees to hone and grow their skills will save you money in the long run. A common argument I hear is, “But what […]

One crucial thing, really: My definition of usability. You’ll find a lot of different definitions of usability, often breaking it down into attributes like Useful: Does it do something people need done? Learnable: Can people figure out how to use it? Memorable: Do they have to relearn it each time they use it? Effective: Does […]

A Manager’s Manifesto 10) Always get the full story before making a decision. 9) It’s incredibly easy to ‘flip the switch’ and start writing people off after a few bad experiences. Resist at all costs. You were bumbling once too. You made poor decisions. You learn and grow, and so does everybody else. 8) Sweep […]

Sheryl Sandberg is Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. She earns around $26 million a year. One day, she was giving a talk about what women need to do to get to the top of their profession. She said they needed to learn from men. Not that men are smarter, they’re not. That’s the problem. She […]

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, calls women the ‘secret sauce’ for the success of his company. He is probably the only business leader to give women such an accolade in the corporate world. Today, the percentage of women in leadership positions is abysmal. Women currently hold just 22 (4.4%) of the CEO positions at […]

In order to stay on top of your game and reach the level of success you want, you need to follow a certain set of self-induced rules. Success is not something that happens by accident; if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Learn the habits that successful people have given up in order […]

The funniest thing is.. most of them do these things below quiet and silent. How about you? We all want to believe we have the potential to be super successful. When it comes down to it, the prime thing that separates successful people from the rest of us are smart decisions. A common pitfall on […]